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Safety Policy


Dickinson Group of Companies operates according to international best practices to achieve the highest practical levels of Safety, Health, Environmental Control and Quality, and adheres to BS OHSAS 18001:2007 accreditation.

The safety of our employees and contractors is an integral part of our business, with the goal of ZERO HARM. We are seeking to create a mind-set where our employees believe it is possible to work injury free, regardless of what role they perform or in which business division they work. It is our policy to develop and maintain an occupational safety, health, environmental and quality program.
These programmes are focused on prevention and protection from environmental pollution, injuries and illness. This promotes quality service delivery, safe and healthy actions and attitudes in all Dickinson Group of Companies’ employees and other individuals and communities affected by the company’s facilities and operations. The model strengthens the Group’s focus on continual improvement in all its operations and services. In pursuance of this, the Group strives to:

  • Demonstrate strong leadership and direction in all conceivable SHEQ issues.
  • Ensure a consistent approach to the management of SHEQ in all locations.
  • Consult and communicate with all employees and stakeholders.
  • Educate the workforce in risk management, safety, health and environmental principles.
  • Respect the right of all staff to work in an environment where they know that risks are adequately controlled.
  • Promote the health and wellbeing of all its staff.
  • Measure SHEQ performance.
Safety Policy
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