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Dickinson Industries offers a complete range of equipment and spare parts to the mining, metals smelting, mineral processing and heavy industrial sectors; including cement manufacturing industry. 

The company’s scope of equipment and spares supplies covers all the stages in cement manufacturing; from quarrying to cement packaging, including Crushers, Raw Mills, Pre-heaters, Kilns, Coolers, Cement Mills, (Vertical Mills & Ball Mills), Silos, and Packing Plants. The company is always committed to meeting its customers’ needs for timeous and cost effective delivery our range of cement plant equipment and spare parts.

Our team of experts and professionals possess vast expertise and knowledge related to cement plant production, maintenance and procurement requirements. With full cognisance of the fact that despite the cement manufacturing principle for cement plants is same, the actual equipment installed and the constraints to which a plant is subject to may vary greatly from plant to plant. Our company is fully committed to offer tailor-made solutions to each plant.

Dickinson Industries’ range of cement plant solutions includes, but is not limited to the following:

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